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Music Monday: “The Sound”

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I am a big fan of The 1975 in general. When “The Sound” starting playing on the radio this summer I immediately fell in love with its somehow mellow, yet still anthemic sound. This song has made a great addition to my Cha-cha playlist. It’s quick and sharp with just enough softness to give you room for timing changes and syncopation. It is a longer track, coming in at a whopping 4:05, so be sure to pace yourself or use a music app to fade out after a 1:30 if you are going full out. There is a natural fade out right before the 3 minute mark, which I cut for our studio social dance playlist. I’ve also heard “The Sound” used for a slow Hustle, or as a Disco track for LaBlast (I’ll discuss my experiences with the LaBlast dance fitness program in a later post).

To my ear, The 1975 is sounds very similar to Flock of Seagulls, which I say with an absolute love for both bands. This tracks with their interview on NPR in October of 2013, where the band mentioned being heavily influenced by 1980’s teen movies. Though I am a child of the 90’s, I grew up surrounded by 80’s music and movies. Many a road trip was made more tolerable by a game of “Name that tune” to the radios best hits of the “80’s, 90’s and Today”. Bands like Flock of Seagulls, Kajagoogoo, and Modern English made such wonderfully laid back, electronic pop music, that I can’t help but smile when I know listen to The 1975 and get that same feeling.

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