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Ballroom Chat Podcast

By Love.Live.Dance

Our podcast focuses on casual long-form interviews between Samantha from Love.Live.Dance, a Salt Lake City dance studio, and her weekly guests from the dance world.

Podcasts cover a number of topics, including the history of different dance styles, interviews with dancesport athletes, judges and coaches, general dance industry news, and even tips and tricks for both beginner and expert dancers. A great source of dance industry information for beginners and professionals alike.

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Just have Fun - Jago Ayllon

Samantha Stout | November 11, 2020

Jago Ayllon is the man behind Utah Salsa and has been a member of the Salt Lake Salsa and Bachata community for over 15 years. Jago and Samantha discuss the intricacies of the Salsa style of dancing, how it differs in approach from ballroom dancing, and how its focus on fun and play make for an inclusive social dance experience.


When in Doubt, Focus Out - Marisa Hamamoto

Samantha Stout | November 04, 2020

Marisa Hamamoto shares her journey and the struggles she overcame, from being an Asian American ballet dancer, sexual assault and rape in her teens and early twenties, suffering a spinal stroke and facing paralysis, and facing harsh rejection from the ballroom dance community and dance entertainment business. She and Samantha discuss the important questions ballroom dancers and studio owner should be asking of themselves, and steps that we can all take toward a more diverse, inclusive, and equal dance world.

Marisa Hamamoto is the creator of Infinite Flow and Scoops of Inclusion. Infinite Flow is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit and professional dance company composed of dancers with and without disabilities, using dance to promote inclusion and innovation. Scoops of Inclusion is a short film and learning platform led by multi-racial dancers with and without disabilities, empowering kids to celebrate differences and take part in creating a world where we each feel we belong.


She's Got Rhythm - Ksenia Stavrica

Samantha Stout | October 28, 2020

Ksenia Stavrica is a current Professional Rhythm Finalist. She discusses her journey from dancing as a 10-dance Amateur in Russia to a Professional Rhythm competitor in the States. Ksenia and Samantha discuss the cultural differences in ballroom dance instruction between the two countries, and Ksenia's learning experiences as a teacher.


Finding Her Way Back to Dance - Donna Edelstein

Samantha Stout | October 21, 2020

Donna Edelstein discusses her journey from ballet to ballroom, and how she found success as an adult in the sport. Donna and Samantha also discuss the importance of putting your own stamp on your dance style, lessons she's learned as a ballroom commentator, and what sets her competition apart from the rest.

Donna Edelstein is a former Pro-Am Champion in Standard, Latin and Smooth. She went on to become a Champion Professional dancer in Smooth and Standard. Donna is currently a coach, judge, adjudicator, invigilator and commentator, as well as the owner of The Snow Ball Dancesport Competition.


The Girl With the Tree Tattoo - Katie Flashner

Samantha Stout | October 14, 2020

Katie Flashner discusses her experiences as a Pro-Am Smooth competitor and her blog, "The Girl with the Tree Tattoo". Katie and Samantha discuss the difficulties in navigating the teacher-student relationship, the perception of dancing tattooed, the benefits of solo practice, and how to find motivation at the finish line.

Katie Flashner is the author behind "The Girl with the Tree Tattoo" blog, as well at the "Dance Diaries" and "The Solo Practice Guide for Ballroom Dancing". She also has won numerous awards as a Pro-Am competitor in American Smooth.


Preventing Dance Injuries - Maria Hansen

Samantha Stout | October 07, 2020

Maria Hansen and Samantha discuss the importance of understanding movement and alignment for ballroom dancers and dance instructors. Maria explains how her training through the CHEK Institute and the Baricchi Institute inform her coaching style, and they discuss the difference between external and internal awareness. Maria also breaks down her winning showdance routine, the infamous "Toilet Paper Dance".

Maria Hansen is a 7-time US National Professional Ballroom Finalist, Ohio Star Ball Showdance Champion, current NDCA adjudicator and judge, a certified Postural, Correction, and Movement Specialist through the CHEK Institute, and a co-organizer of the Vegas Open.


More Than Just Shoes - Ilia Kolosov

Samantha Stout | September 30, 2020

Ilia Kolosov is the major distributor for the Aida Dancewear Brand in the United States. He discusses how he became 'the shoe guy', what sets Aida apart from other shoe brands, and why its so much more than just the sale that keeps him going. Ilia and Samantha chat about the challenge of authentically connecting with ballroom dancers at events and what pushed him to become a life coach.


NBC Dance - Nick Bloxsom-Carter

Samantha Stout | September 23, 2020

Nick discusses his dance experience from Cotillion to SYTYCD. Nick breaks down the behind the scenes differences between the production of the different commercial dance TV shows he has been a part of, his experience dancing for UVU, why cross-training has been so important to his dance education and why the ballroom team wasn't for him.

Nick Bloxsom-Carter has been dancing and teaching for over 15 years. He is a graduate of Utah Valley University with a bachelor's in dance and business, and has performed with many local dance companies including The Vibe Touring Company and Utah Metropolitan Ballet. He is most well know for his performances on Dancing with the Stars, making the finals on Live To Dance and making the top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance Season 9.


Capturing The Dance - Ryan Kenner

Samantha Stout | September 16, 2020

Ryan Kenner discusses his process for capturing the perfect dance moment, tips for ballroom dancers to increase their chance of getting the ideal photo, and how his competitive experience makes him a better photographer.

Ryan Kenner is a professional dancer and the owner of Ryan Kenner Photography, providing high quality dance photography for ballroom dancers.


Treu Dancing - Casey and Kayci Treu

Samantha Stout | September 09, 2020

Casey and Kayci discuss meeting and competing as part of the BYU Latin and Ballroom Tour Team, why they are passionate about 10-Dance, their plans for remaining Amateurs or making the move to Professional, and their vision for the future of dancesport in Utah.

Casey and Kayci Treu are United States Amateur 10-Dance Champions, World and UK Amateur 10-Dance Finalists, World Amateur Rising Star Latin Finalists. Seperately, Casey is also a 2X US National Youth Latin Champion and Youth National 10-Dance Champion and Kayci is also a 2X National Amateur Cabaret Champion.