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Ballroom Chat Status | Samantha Stout

Samantha Stout | September 29, 2021

Samantha shares a quick update on the state of the podcast, future plans for guests and conversations, and answers some questions from the Ballroom Chat Instagram.

Deborah Holmes and Stefan Badea sit down to discuss their non-profit foundation, the HeartSoles Foundation and its mission. The pair also explore how their pro-am dancing relationship blossomed into a friendship and business partnership, and how the dance community has come together to build a stronger and more supportive ballroom family.

The HeartSoles Foundation provides dance shoes, competitive attire and scholarships to dancers in impoverished communities. At time of recording, their goal is to raise $10,000 and collect 1,000 pairs of shoes to support the South African dance community.

Koichiro Suzuki and Yulia Zhukoffsit down and talk about their love of music, the history of Tango and why the connection and embrace of Argentine Tango is so unique, compared to other dance styles.

Koichiro Suzuki and Yulia Zhukoff are professional Argentine Tango instructors that travel extensively across the U.S. sharing their love of tango and music. They are also the owners of the Pittsburgh Tango Connection.

Being the Best You - Christian Alva

Samantha Stout | June 23, 2021

Christian Alva discusses his early career, life lessons that he's learned along the way and his particular approach to teaching and friendship. Christian and Samantha chat about goal setting and appreciating the joy and artistry of ballroom dance.

Christian Alva is a former member of the Utah Valley University Ballroom Dancing Company and current instructor at Ballroom Utah.

Communicating Effectively - Viktorija

Samantha Stout | June 09, 2021

Viktorija discusses her early career, finding her own expression, and defining how she and her partner Nick want themselves to be seen on the dance floor. She and Samantha also talk about navigating the different relationships and expectations in the dance world, along with tips for young professionals that are thinking about becoming dance instructors, and helpful tips for students trying to navigate their goals and expectations.

Viktorija is a 4x U.S. National Professional Smooth Champion, 4x World Professional Smooth Champion, and a 3x Blackpool Smooth Champion.

Entertaining and Connecting - Igor Litvinov

Samantha Stout | May 05, 2021

Igor Litvinov discusses his amateur career and his journey becoming a dancer. Samantha and Igor also breakdown his professional show dances for Ohio Star Ball and why choosing music and something that suits your personality is so important to connecting to the audience. The pair also talk a little bit about his decision to switch from competitor to competition organizer, and why he decided to launch the Boxstep app.

Igor Litvinov is a highly decorated amateur and professional standard dancer and a three time Ohio Star Ball Showdance Champion. He is also a co-owner of the Ballroom Hub dance studio in New York and the co-owner of the Boxstep app, online festival and online camp. Igor is the co-organizer of the Philadelphia Dancesport Championships, The City's Dancesport Challenge, and the Poseidon Ball.

Dancing her Truth - Oxana Kashkina

Samantha Stout | April 28, 2021

Oxana Kashkina discusses her journey, from amateur dancer to English Educator to professional ballroom instructor. Oxana and Samantha delve deep into topics surrounding body image, cross-training, teaching methodology, and telling your story on the dance floor.

Oxana Kashkina was an Amateur 10-dancer prior to moving to the United States. She is currently an Open Professional 9-dance finalist, Mambo National Finalist, and took 2nd in the World Salsa Championships.

Teaching and Learning - Yuriy Kravets

Samantha Stout | April 21, 2021

Yuriy Kraveys discusses his journey from amateur to professional, from Ukraine to the United States and everything in between. Yuriy and Samantha analyze the structure of ballroom dance education in the US and in Europe, and chat about how instructors and pro-am students can approach the different levels of competitive dance.

Yuriy Kravets was awarded the Master of Sport of Ukraine from Lviv State University of Physical Culture for his performance in ballroom dancing as an amateur and then professional. After he turned professional, he represented Ukraine at the World and European championships for a number of years, and then eventually moved to the US and began his work as a professional dance instructor through Fred Astaire before going independent, He is currently teaching and competing with Pro-Am students based in Denver, Colorado, although he has students all across the country.

Exploring SuperShag - Chris Johnston

Samantha Stout | April 07, 2021

Chris Johnston discusses his early dance career and how music and organizing parties became his passion in the industry. Chris and Samantha discuss the ups and downs of building a career in ballroom dance, the importance of recording and remembering our history, and where he sees the future of dancesport heading.

Chris Johnston is the co-owner and founder of SuperShag dance studios and SuperShag video production. He's also a world-class adjudicator and the co-organizer for both the Caribbean Dancesport Classic and DBDC in Boston. He's a host for several different video programs as part of Dance Beat magazine, including Approach the Bar, Cheeky Chat, and Comp Crawl.

Megan Rund discusses her start in gymnastics, what happens when your plans suddenly change and your life has put on a completely different path, and the growing pains and culture shock of moving to Utah for college and for ballroom dance. Megan and Samantha also reflect on the interesting challenges of navigating the transition from amateur and student to professional and especially pro am instructor.

Megan Rund is a former Utah Valley University Tour Team member. She and her teammates won the Blackpool Standard Team Championship and as an Amateur, she and her partner became Ohio Star Ball Smooth Champions. She is now a Rising Star and Open Professional Finalist in the Smooth Category.

Jessica Mancini chats about growing up in the figure skating world, making the transition to ballroom dancing. Jessica and Samantha also discuss how to navigate the difficult balance between setting goals for your students and expectations while also encouraging them to remember the joy of the activity that they are doing.

Jessica Mancini is a five time US National Pro-Am champion in Rhythm, Smooth, and 9-Dance, as well as a Pro-Am Open Vice Champion in Rhythm and Smooth. She was also a former team USA figure skater, and current Professional competitor.

Raising the Bar - Christine Bar Noël

Samantha Stout | March 17, 2021

Christine Bar Noël discusses taking up the challenge of finding her own path to success in the ballroom dance industry. Christine and Samantha chat about dance entrepreneurship, and finding life-work balance. The two reflect on the importance of saying no, and explore ways to raise the ceiling for future dancers to flourish.

Christine Bar Noël is a former World Rhythm Champion as part of a Pro-Am father-daughter duo. She is now a certified life balance coach and the host of the Recovering Perfectionist podcast.

Sophia D'Angelo discusses finding herself in ballroom dance and the intersectionality between navigating relationships in ballroom dance and in the real world. Sophia and Samantha discuss her book, Dance and the Creative Couple, and how instructors and students can use the lessons within the book to have a greater understanding of how we communicate through dance.

Sophia practices psychotherapy in Washington, D.C. and has been a life-long dancer with training in multiple dance disciplines. She earned a Masters in Social Work at Catholic University and is a graduate of the International Psychotherapy Institute. She holds multiple United States titles in ballroom dancing.

Boyko Ivanov is a former youth 10-dancer, who started creating hair and make-up looks for ballroom dancers after moving to the United States. 15 years later, the name Boyko & Co. is synonomous with some of the top looks and trends for styling ballroom dancers. Boyko sits down to chat with Samantha about discovering his passion for dance and later hair and make-up. He discussing his pursuit of beauty, and why coping trends is only a short term solution to a long term problem.

Tristen Sosa discusses growing up in a dancing family in Utah, and his dance journey in both competitive ballroom and the performance industry. Tristen and Samantha debate the longevity of virtual dance instruction, and the struggles of building an inclusive and accessible community for all dancers.

Tristen Sosa is a 4 Time Youth Latin Champion. He appeared on So You Think You Can Dance and Paula Abdul's "Live to Dance". Tristen is currently the Ballroom Director at Summerlin Dance Academy in Las Vegas, is a choreographer for the Hallmark and Disney Channels, and is a principle dancer for the Donny and Marie Show in Las Vegas.

Living in the Moment - Natalie Crandall

Samantha Stout | February 10, 2021

Natalie Crandall discusses the importance of positive reinforcement and grounding techniques for dancers at all levels, but especially in the competitive arena. Natalie and Samantha chat about the transition from Pro-Am to Professional dancer, and how she brings lessons learned from yoga and cycling into the ballroom.

Natalie Crandall was the first ever Blackpool British open Pro-Am Smooth Champion. After turning professional, she became an Ohio Star Ball Rising Star Smooth Champion, US Open Professional 9-dance Champion, and a US National Professional Rising Star Rhythm and Smooth Champion.

Instinctive Perception - Luca Baricchi

Samantha Stout | February 03, 2021

Luca Baricchi discusses the mission of The Baricchi Institute of Movement and Art and what he means by instinctive perception. He and Samantha explore the luck involved in finding the right coach for your movement and how exploration and critical thinking can unlock a dancer's potential. Luca also explains what he means by being truthful in one's dancing.

Luca Baricchi is a several times Italian Amateur National Ballroom Champion, Italian Amateur National 10-Dance Champion, Two Time Professional World Ballroom Dance Champion, and European, UK, and British Open Professional Champion. He is also the head of the Baricchi Institute of Movement and Art.

Framework - Ikaika Dowsett

Samantha Stout | January 27, 2021

Ikaika Dowsett chats with Samantha about his dance journey and his experiences hosting a dance podcast. The pair compare the struggles of finding a dance partner, having tough conversations in the ballroom dance industry, and deciding how and when to brand your dance instruction. Ikaika Dowsett is the host of 'The Framework' Podcast. He is also a World Champion coach and dancer.

Clarity is Power - Izabella Lewandowski

Samantha Stout | January 20, 2021

Izabella Lewandowski sits down with Samantha to discuss why intention and mindset are so crucial to success in business and dancesport. She reflects on overcoming self-doubt, her love of the Latin dance style, and the importance of having a great support team.

Izabella Lewandowski is a former US National Professional Latin Finalist, US National Professional Showdance Champion, World Professional Latin Showdance Finalist. Along with her husband Thomas, she is now a Los Angeles Region Representative and owner of several Fred Astaire franchise studios. She is also a coach, judge, and choreographer.

All Things Dance Vision - Wayne Eng

Samantha Stout | January 13, 2021

In the first episode of Season 2 of Ballroom Chat, Samantha sits down with Dance Vision founder, Wayne Eng to discuss the growth and future of his company. Wayne talks about his personal dance journey from student, to instructor, to studio owner, and why he found the business side of dance more intriguing. Samantha and Wayne discuss the future of the Dance Vision syllabus with regards to the Smooth and Rhythm styles, the global expansion of the Smooth syllabus, and other projects currently in production. Also discussed as part of this episode; the Amateur Championships at USDC 2021, certifications for dance instructors, flooring, and a hybrid approach to Emerald Ball 2021.

Wayne Eng is a former Professional Latin Finalist. In 1992 he founded Dance Vision, and in 2001 he launched the Dance Vision syllabus (formerly referred to as the DVIDA syllabus). He is currently the Executive VP of the American Ballroom Company, the Competition Director of the United States Dance Championship (USDC), and a Co-organizer of the Emerald Ball.

Reflecting on 2020 - Amanda Wolf

Samantha Stout | December 30, 2020

Amanda Wolf returns to commiserate and reflect on the unexpected challenges the dance industry faced in 2020. She and Samantha discuss the potential rebound of the wedding sector, the tough decisions facing professionals right now, and the reasons why ballroom dance is an important part of everyone's lives.

Jesse Goodnight and Samantha catch-up and reflect on how their college ballroom career set them on the path to becoming Professional Ballroom Dancers. Jesse chats about his fond memories as a member of the Fairmont State Ballroom Team, and the challenges of adjusting to teaching as a career. He and Samantha compare notes on navigating student interactions, and Jesse discusses his behind the scenes experience of getting a dance competition ready.

Lead with Enthusiasm and Joy - Anna Shahbazyan

Samantha Stout | December 02, 2020

Anna Shahbazyan discusses how psychology and dance are intertwined and her philosophy for following joy. Anna and Samantha chat about working with children on the Autism spectrum, and why its important to look at every dancer and every partnership as unique. She provides insight into what catches her judges eye for Latin and Smooth dancers, and gives tips on how to navigate emotion in dancesport both on and off the floor.

Anna Shahbazyan is a Professional Smooth and Standard dancer. She was a Blackpool finalist in American Smooth, and a Rising Star vice-champion at Ohio Star Ball. Anna holds a Master's Degree in Psychology and is the owner of AS Dance for Autism. Her work teaching dance to children and teens with special needs earned her the 2016 NDCA Community Service Award. She is also the co-organizer of the City Lights Open in San Jose.

The Man behind the Ohio Star Ball - Sam Sodano

Samantha Stout | November 18, 2020

Sam Sodano discusses the origins of the Ohio Star Ball and the adjustments being made to keep it a safe event during the pandemic. Sam and Samantha delve into his own dance journey beginning at Arthur Murray, striving to put a focus on personal education and betterment, and the evolution of his understanding of the teacher-student relationship. He also provides insight on what he wishes more professional instructors would avoid doing with their dancesport students, and how it can't be all about the business in order to be successful.

Sam Sodano is a legendary figure in the US Ballroom Dance world. He is a former North American Latin Champion, the organizer of the Ohio Star Ball, an adjudicator, judge, and lecturer. He created the World Pro-Am Dancesport Series, the Fordney Foundation, the Best of the Best Dancesport Challenge, and is the co-organizer of such events as the Arnold Youth Dancesport Classic, Holiday Dance Classic, and the Atlanta Open.

Just have Fun - Jago Ayllon

Samantha Stout | November 11, 2020

Jago Ayllon is the man behind Utah Salsa and has been a member of the Salt Lake Salsa and Bachata community for over 15 years. Jago and Samantha discuss the intricacies of the Salsa style of dancing, how it differs in approach from ballroom dancing, and how its focus on fun and play make for an inclusive social dance experience.

When in Doubt, Focus Out - Marisa Hamamoto

Samantha Stout | November 04, 2020

Marisa Hamamoto shares her journey and the struggles she overcame, from being an Asian American ballet dancer, sexual assault and rape in her teens and early twenties, suffering a spinal stroke and facing paralysis, and facing harsh rejection from the ballroom dance community and dance entertainment business. She and Samantha discuss the important questions ballroom dancers and studio owner should be asking of themselves, and steps that we can all take toward a more diverse, inclusive, and equal dance world.

Marisa Hamamoto is the creator of Infinite Flow and Scoops of Inclusion. Infinite Flow is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit and professional dance company composed of dancers with and without disabilities, using dance to promote inclusion and innovation. Scoops of Inclusion is a short film and learning platform led by multi-racial dancers with and without disabilities, empowering kids to celebrate differences and take part in creating a world where we each feel we belong.

She's Got Rhythm - Ksenia Stavrica

Samantha Stout | October 28, 2020

Ksenia Stavrica is a current Professional Rhythm Finalist. She discusses her journey from dancing as a 10-dance Amateur in Russia to a Professional Rhythm competitor in the States. Ksenia and Samantha discuss the cultural differences in ballroom dance instruction between the two countries, and Ksenia's learning experiences as a teacher.

Finding Her Way Back to Dance - Donna Edelstein

Samantha Stout | October 21, 2020

Donna Edelstein discusses her journey from ballet to ballroom, and how she found success as an adult in the sport. Donna and Samantha also discuss the importance of putting your own stamp on your dance style, lessons she's learned as a ballroom commentator, and what sets her competition apart from the rest.

Donna Edelstein is a former Pro-Am Champion in Standard, Latin and Smooth. She went on to become a Champion Professional dancer in Smooth and Standard. Donna is currently a coach, judge, adjudicator, invigilator and commentator, as well as the owner of The Snow Ball Dancesport Competition.

The Girl With the Tree Tattoo - Katie Flashner

Samantha Stout | October 14, 2020

Katie Flashner discusses her experiences as a Pro-Am Smooth competitor and her blog, "The Girl with the Tree Tattoo". Katie and Samantha discuss the difficulties in navigating the teacher-student relationship, the perception of dancing tattooed, the benefits of solo practice, and how to find motivation at the finish line.

Katie Flashner is the author behind "The Girl with the Tree Tattoo" blog, as well at the "Dance Diaries" and "The Solo Practice Guide for Ballroom Dancing". She also has won numerous awards as a Pro-Am competitor in American Smooth.

Preventing Dance Injuries - Maria Hansen

Samantha Stout | October 07, 2020

Maria Hansen and Samantha discuss the importance of understanding movement and alignment for ballroom dancers and dance instructors. Maria explains how her training through the CHEK Institute and the Baricchi Institute inform her coaching style, and they discuss the difference between external and internal awareness. Maria also breaks down her winning showdance routine, the infamous "Toilet Paper Dance".

Maria Hansen is a 7-time US National Professional Ballroom Finalist, Ohio Star Ball Showdance Champion, current NDCA adjudicator and judge, a certified Postural, Correction, and Movement Specialist through the CHEK Institute, and a co-organizer of the Vegas Open.

More Than Just Shoes - Ilia Kolosov

Samantha Stout | September 30, 2020

Ilia Kolosov is the major distributor for the Aida Dancewear Brand in the United States. He discusses how he became 'the shoe guy', what sets Aida apart from other shoe brands, and why its so much more than just the sale that keeps him going. Ilia and Samantha chat about the challenge of authentically connecting with ballroom dancers at events and what pushed him to become a life coach.

NBC Dance - Nick Bloxsom-Carter

Samantha Stout | September 23, 2020

Nick discusses his dance experience from Cotillion to SYTYCD. Nick breaks down the behind the scenes differences between the production of the different commercial dance TV shows he has been a part of, his experience dancing for UVU, why cross-training has been so important to his dance education and why the ballroom team wasn't for him.

Nick Bloxsom-Carter has been dancing and teaching for over 15 years. He is a graduate of Utah Valley University with a bachelor's in dance and business, and has performed with many local dance companies including The Vibe Touring Company and Utah Metropolitan Ballet. He is most well know for his performances on Dancing with the Stars, making the finals on Live To Dance and making the top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance Season 9.

Capturing The Dance - Ryan Kenner

Samantha Stout | September 16, 2020

Ryan Kenner discusses his process for capturing the perfect dance moment, tips for ballroom dancers to increase their chance of getting the ideal photo, and how his competitive experience makes him a better photographer.

Ryan Kenner is a professional dancer and the owner of Ryan Kenner Photography, providing high quality dance photography for ballroom dancers.

Treu Dancing - Casey and Kayci Treu

Samantha Stout | September 09, 2020

Casey and Kayci discuss meeting and competing as part of the BYU Latin and Ballroom Tour Team, why they are passionate about 10-Dance, their plans for remaining Amateurs or making the move to Professional, and their vision for the future of dancesport in Utah.

Casey and Kayci Treu are United States Amateur 10-Dance Champions, World and UK Amateur 10-Dance Finalists, World Amateur Rising Star Latin Finalists. Seperately, Casey is also a 2X US National Youth Latin Champion and Youth National 10-Dance Champion and Kayci is also a 2X National Amateur Cabaret Champion.

He's got Rhythm - Aaron Pierce

Samantha Stout | September 02, 2020

Aaron Pierce discusses the culture shock of moving from the East Coast to Utah, the challenges Aaron faced when becoming a member of the UVU Tour Team, and the differences and similarities between Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire, and independent studios. They also chat about how your perspectives on dance and instruction change over time, and Aaron's new goals and focus for his competitive career.

Aaron Pierce is a former 2 time US National Amateur Rhythm Champion, former member of the Utah Valley University Tour Team, and current Professional Rhythm Finalist.

The Ballroom Music Man: Brent Mills

Samantha Stout | August 26, 2020

Brent Mills talks about music, dance, musicality, theatre, choreography, artistry, performance and so much more! Brent shares his thoughts on how music and dance are intertwined, how he approaches choreography differently from hip-hop or contemporary choreographers, and his dance, music and choreography experiences over the last twenty years.

Ever wonder why one song can be played for a Waltz, a Tango, and a Cha-Cha? Want to know why you should reconsider that "Phantom of the Opera" showcase? If so, then this interview is for you.

Brent Mills is the owner of BallroomPlaylist and the Music Mills App, providing music content for dancers and studio owners. He has also served as the Music Director for numerous competitions, was the 2x US Cabaret/Theatre Arts Champion, served as a music editor and consultant for 4 seasons of So You Think You Can Dance, and holds a BA in Piano Performance from Berklee School of Music in Boston, and a BFA in Dance from BYU.

Talking with a Titan: Ron Montez

Samantha Stout | August 17, 2020

Ron Montez is a former 7-time undefeated US Professional Latin Champion, the recipient of numerous awards and honors, judge, adjudicator, and co-organizer of both the Aloha Ball and Las Vegas Lights Dance Challenge. We discuss his early career with Arthur Murray, turning professional, how costuming and performance has changed over the years, and the pros and cons of one-day events versus multi-day events.

Jason and Sveta Daly are former National and World Professional Rhythm Finalists, owners of Dance Daly Ballroom, and co-organizers of the San Antonio Classic. Jason and Sveta discuss their very different paths to becoming Professional Rhythm dancers, and we chat about the challenges of teaching adults, judging pro-am dancers, the evolution of American Rhythm as a style, appropriate fashion for dancesport competitions, and planning for 2021.

The DanceCast Experiment: Max Sinitsa

Samantha Stout | August 03, 2020

In episode #16 of Love.Live.Dance's podcast, Ballroom Chat, we talk with Max Sinitsa. Max is a former 3-time US Amateur Smooth Champion, US Professional American Smooth Vice-Champion, World Professional American Smooth Finalist, and the host of the DanceCast Experiment. Max discusses how he began dancing, why he believes that a strong foundation has contributed to his success, his thoughts on the advantages of recording your own dancing to review, the challenges that dancers face in pro-am events, and his upcoming project, the DanceCast Experiment. We also discuss his decision to retire from competitive dancesport earlier this year.

In episode #15 of Love.Live.Dance's podcast, Ballroom Chat, we talk with Marzena Stachura and Slawek Sochacki. Marzena and Slawek are 4-time undefeated US and World American Smooth Champions, Owners of Dance United Ballroom Academy, Owners of Dance Vision Mastery Camp Las Vegas, Co-owners of The Royal Ball.

We discuss how online dance lessons can be incredibly effective during this challenging time, how Marzena and Slawek credit hardwork and dedication to their successes, how the SRDS is bring the joys of the American Smooth style to Russian dancers, and why they choose to see the positives in cancellations and closures.

In episode #14 of Love.Live.Dance's podcast, Ballroom Chat, we talk with American 9-Dance competitor and instructor Tony Nunez about his dancesport experiences.

Samantha and Tony discuss his experiences as a professional dancer, the challenge of portraying your authentic self on the dance floor, and the importance of making sure that inclusivity and diversity become the norm in the ballroom dance industry. We take on the issues of race, gender, elitism, and ability differences in dance, and what each of us in the industry can do to improve and push towards progress.

Discussing Lindy Hop: Anthony Chen

Samantha Stout | July 13, 2020

In episode #13 of Ballroom Chat, we talk with competitor and instructor Anthony Chen about his preferred dance style: Lindy Hop. We discuss the history of Lindy Hop, how the competitive experience of Lindy differs from typical ballroom dance events, his work with the non-profit organization Salt City Swing, and his thoughts on the future of the lindy hop dance style.

Anthony Chen is known for being playful, musical, creative, and clear on the dance floor and holds first place titles from events such as Lindyfest, Montreal Swing Riot, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, and the International Lindy Hop Championships. He strives to build a healthy and positive swing dance community, and he founded the non-profit organization "Salt City Swing" in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he teaches not only the dance of Lindy Hop, but also the history of the dance and its ties to American Swing-era music.

Learning about Casino Rueda: Cesar Rojas

Samantha Stout | July 06, 2020

This week, we talk with Cesar Rojas about Casino Rueda. We discuss the history of salsa and the Casino Rueda dance style, how this social dance is opening doors for people to learn more about Latin dances, and the importance of finding your dance community.

This week, we talk with Hope Jackson about her start in the dancesport industry, her time dancing on the television shows So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars, her latest endeavor teaching as an instructor with Dance Vision, being a brand ambassador for Aida Dancewear, and balancing her additional activities in modeling, dancing, and hair and make-up.

Michael Johnson is a US Professional Ten Dance Finalist, coach, Dancesport adjudicator, owner of Dance Majic Dance Studio, published author, and host of the Majic for Life Podcast. We talk about his start in the industry, the mindset of a competitive dancer, his podcast, and how to effectively communicate dance instruction online.

Ian Gillett is a US Pro-Am National Champion in Smooth and Standard, a World Masters Pro-Am Champion in Smooth and Standard, World Pro-Am Champion in Smooth, a Regional Examiner for DVIDA, Former Collegiate Assessment Director for USISTD, and several times over Top Teacher Winner. We talk about his start in the industry, the importance of a good foundation, returning to the basics at every level, and the evolution of Standard and Smooth dance styles.

A conversation with Kimberley Mitchell. She is a two time US Professional Latin Champion, coach, judge, adjudicator, and invigilator. We talk about her start in the industry, the preparation process to get showcase ready for the 40th Anniversary of the Ohio Star Ball, her thoughts on when and how to restart competitions, and the importance of finding your own authentic style.

Living your Dance: Molly King

Samantha Stout | May 25, 2020

A conversation between Samantha from Love.Live.Dance and guest Molly King, West Coast competitor, instructor, published writer, podcaster, tiny home owner and overall awesome human being. We talk about how to 'Live Your Dance', the joys and challenges of owning a tiny home, her book 'Don't Stress', and the importance of living a whole life.

Dancesport Rules Updates: Rozana Sweeney

Samantha Stout | May 18, 2020

This week we talked with Rozana Sweeney from Art & Style Dance Studio. We talked about how the current situation is affecting dance studios and competitions, potential ways this will change how Dancesport events are conducted, the 2019 NDCA rules updates to syllabus events, and what you can do to stand out in front of a judging panel.

Custom Dancewear Design: Marcos Martinez

Samantha Stout | April 27, 2020

A conversation with Marcos Martinez, owner of the dancewear brand MMD. We talk about the custom dancewear industry, Marcos' process for creating unique garments for his clients, and training for competition under quarantine.

A conversation between Samantha from Love.Live.Dance and guest James Cook, West coast swing dancer, competitor, and instructor. We talk about the differences between Ballroom Dance and West coast swing, navigating different social dance scenes, and how to be responsible for your own growth.

A conversation between Samantha from Love.Live.Dance and guest Amanda Wolf, owner of Studio 101 and Pittsburgh Wedding Dance. We talk ballroom in quarantine, the move to online teaching, how the wedding industry is changing and adapting, and where we see dance instruction can improve for the better.