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Competitive Dancesport Lessons

Ballroom dancing is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding hobby for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. However, for individuals and couples who want to take the hobby to the next level, Love.Live.Dance offers competitive Dancesport training at all levels. We work to prepare you for competitions and give you that extra edge through our studio lessons with award-winning staff and through supplemental coaching lessons with visiting experts and professionals from around the country.

Private Lessons

Enjoy private ballroom dance lessons with our instructors and other experts tailored to your competitive goals with the purpose of excelling at local, regional and national competitions that align with your goals.

Nationally Renown Coaching

In addition to instructors from Love.Live.Dance, we strive to bring quality, nationally recognized, top-ranked coaches from around the country to work with our Salt Lake City students. These additional lessons ensure that our students are well-rounded, familiar with the experts and their expectations, and competition-ready.

Regular Competitive Event Schedule

Love.Live.Dance maintains a regular schedule of competitive events around the country and throughout the year. Our competitions are selected to both introduce new students to the world of competitive ballroom dancing through local and regional competitions while also offering more seasoned students with access to some of the most prestigious events in the country. No matter the size of the competition, we regularly review all our events to ensure that our students are being exposed only to the best events in the country and the most appropriate events for their skill level.

How To Book Today

You can always call us to discuss your needs or to schedule your initial lesson, but the links below will take you to our online appointment portal where you can view all of our available times and schedule your first lesson online at your convenience. You will not be charged for any lesson or package by booking online.

Single Lesson
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5 Lesson Package
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10 Lesson Package
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Save nearly 20% per lesson
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Up to one year to schedule lessons

Reviews and Testimonials

five starsSamantha is great! I’ve been working with her since January on ballroom competition routines. She is a great teacher, very enthusiastic, and very effective at breaking down technique. Whether it’s balance, timing, weight transfer or other technical aspect, she has a natural ability to translate it into something you can follow and do. And she has the patience to practice those techniques all day! Samantha always has a plan for our lessons, so there is variety and a progression. She has a keen sense of style and choreography, which adds a lot of creativity to the routines.


five starsMy wife and I had a very positive experience working with Samantha. She is incredibly knowledgeable and was very good at helping us pick out the best choreography for our song.


five starsGreat dance lessons here, Samantha was very helpful helping us brush off some of the rust with some dance moves!