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Online Ballroom Dance Lessons

Ballroom dancing is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding hobby for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. However, not everyone has a nearby dance studio where they can take lessons. While Love.Live.Dance is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are excited to offer lessons to students around the world through our online dance lessons. Online lessons are available for standard ballroom dance lessons, wedding dance lessons, and even competitive dancesport lessons.

Lessons can be scheduled online through our scheduling portal and are available via Zoom, Skype, and most other meeting platforms upon request.

Online Lessons

We work with couples and individuals and will tailor your lessons to focus on the style, or styles, of dance that you are interested in learning, including your wedding choreography. We will ensure that we move at a pace that is comfortable and meets your goals and those of your partner. Lessons can accommodate beginners and experts alike.

Group Lessons

Want to share your lessons with another couple or your closest friends? Not a problem. Our online lessons can handle any number of people and are a great group activity. Your lessons will be tailored to your group’s interest and pace to make sure that nobody is left behind.

Monthly Membership

Interested in continuing lessons? Our monthly membership package is perfect for individuals or couples looking for a new hobby. With a membership, you can schedule regular lessons through our online portal whenever they fit into your schedule. In addition, if you live in Salt Lake City, your membership will also include in-person lessons.

How To Book Today

You can always call us to schedule your first lesson, but clicking below will take you to our online appointment portal where you can view all of our available times and schedule your first lesson online at your convenience. You will not be charged for any package or membership selections until your first lesson.

Single Lesson
Pay as you go
Live instruction from the comfort of your home
Personalized instruction based on your goals
No partner required
Lessons via Skype or Zoom

Online Support

Online ballroom dance lessons come with special challenges. Love.Live.Dance addresses those challenges by using high-definition cameras - not just a webcam - and by supporting our students through weekly online streams on, a weekly ballroom dance podcast , and a growing online library of previous videos that we can use to supplement private lessons.

Reviews and Testimonials

five starsA great date! I took my wife as a surprise for her birthday. Samantha is a great teacher and able to teach people of all talent levels. I was very inexperienced dancing but learned a lot just from my first lesson. I highly recommend it!


five starsMy husband bought me dancing lessons and it was magical! We ended up going back for a second lesson and learned even more styles. We have decided it's such a great date night that we we're going to continue once a month! Samantha has a way of making you feel comfortable even when you're stepping on each other's feet... Dancing together is so much better than going to dinner or a movie. I highly recommend taking lessons from Samantha! This will bring you joy!


five starsWe had fun, while learning great steps in a very short time. Samantha is a great teacher!!! We will come back in the summer


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