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Ballroom Chat Podcast

By Love.Live.Dance

Our podcast focuses on casual long-form interviews between Samantha from Love.Live.Dance, a Salt Lake City dance studio, and her weekly guests from the dance world.

Podcasts cover a number of topics, including the history of different dance styles, interviews with dancesport athletes, judges and coaches, general dance industry news, and even tips and tricks for both beginner and expert dancers. A great source of dance industry information for beginners and professionals alike.

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NBC Dance - Nick Bloxsom-Carter

Samantha Stout | September 23, 2020

Nick discusses his dance experience from Cotillion to SYTYCD. Nick breaks down the behind the scenes differences between the production of the different commercial dance TV shows he has been a part of, his experience dancing for UVU, why cross-training has been so important to his dance education and why the ballroom team wasn't for him.

Nick Bloxsom-Carter has been dancing and teaching for over 15 years. He is a graduate of Utah Valley University with a bachelor's in dance and business, and has performed with many local dance companies including The Vibe Touring Company and Utah Metropolitan Ballet. He is most well know for his performances on Dancing with the Stars, making the finals on Live To Dance and making the top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance Season 9.


Capturing The Dance - Ryan Kenner

Samantha Stout | September 16, 2020

Ryan Kenner discusses his process for capturing the perfect dance moment, tips for ballroom dancers to increase their chance of getting the ideal photo, and how his competitive experience makes him a better photographer.

Ryan Kenner is a professional dancer and the owner of Ryan Kenner Photography, providing high quality dance photography for ballroom dancers.


Treu Dancing - Casey and Kayci Treu

Samantha Stout | September 09, 2020

Casey and Kayci discuss meeting and competing as part of the BYU Latin and Ballroom Tour Team, why they are passionate about 10-Dance, their plans for remaining Amateurs or making the move to Professional, and their vision for the future of dancesport in Utah.

Casey and Kayci Treu are United States Amateur 10-Dance Champions, World and UK Amateur 10-Dance Finalists, World Amateur Rising Star Latin Finalists. Seperately, Casey is also a 2X US National Youth Latin Champion and Youth National 10-Dance Champion and Kayci is also a 2X National Amateur Cabaret Champion.


He's got Rhythm - Aaron Pierce

Samantha Stout | September 02, 2020

Aaron Pierce discusses the culture shock of moving from the East Coast to Utah, the challenges Aaron faced when becoming a member of the UVU Tour Team, and the differences and similarities between Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire, and independent studios. They also chat about how your perspectives on dance and instruction change over time, and Aaron's new goals and focus for his competitive career.

Aaron Pierce is a former 2 time US National Amateur Rhythm Champion, former member of the Utah Valley University Tour Team, and current Professional Rhythm Finalist.


The Ballroom Music Man: Brent Mills

Samantha Stout | August 26, 2020

Brent Mills talks about music, dance, musicality, theatre, choreography, artistry, performance and so much more! Brent shares his thoughts on how music and dance are intertwined, how he approaches choreography differently from hip-hop or contemporary choreographers, and his dance, music and choreography experiences over the last twenty years.

Ever wonder why one song can be played for a Waltz, a Tango, and a Cha-Cha? Want to know why you should reconsider that "Phantom of the Opera" showcase? If so, then this interview is for you.

Brent Mills is the owner of BallroomPlaylist and the Music Mills App, providing music content for dancers and studio owners. He has also served as the Music Director for numerous competitions, was the 2x US Cabaret/Theatre Arts Champion, served as a music editor and consultant for 4 seasons of So You Think You Can Dance, and holds a BA in Piano Performance from Berklee School of Music in Boston, and a BFA in Dance from BYU.


Talking with a Titan: Ron Montez

Samantha Stout | August 17, 2020

Ron Montez is a former 7-time undefeated US Professional Latin Champion, the recipient of numerous awards and honors, judge, adjudicator, and co-organizer of both the Aloha Ball and Las Vegas Lights Dance Challenge. We discuss his early career with Arthur Murray, turning professional, how costuming and performance has changed over the years, and the pros and cons of one-day events versus multi-day events.


Jason and Sveta Daly are former National and World Professional Rhythm Finalists, owners of Dance Daly Ballroom, and co-organizers of the San Antonio Classic. Jason and Sveta discuss their very different paths to becoming Professional Rhythm dancers, and we chat about the challenges of teaching adults, judging pro-am dancers, the evolution of American Rhythm as a style, appropriate fashion for dancesport competitions, and planning for 2021.


The DanceCast Experiment: Max Sinitsa

Samantha Stout | August 03, 2020

In episode #16 of Love.Live.Dance's podcast, Ballroom Chat, we talk with Max Sinitsa. Max is a former 3-time US Amateur Smooth Champion, US Professional American Smooth Vice-Champion, World Professional American Smooth Finalist, and the host of the DanceCast Experiment. Max discusses how he began dancing, why he believes that a strong foundation has contributed to his success, his thoughts on the advantages of recording your own dancing to review, the challenges that dancers face in pro-am events, and his upcoming project, the DanceCast Experiment. We also discuss his decision to retire from competitive dancesport earlier this year.


In episode #15 of Love.Live.Dance's podcast, Ballroom Chat, we talk with Marzena Stachura and Slawek Sochacki. Marzena and Slawek are 4-time undefeated US and World American Smooth Champions, Owners of Dance United Ballroom Academy, Owners of Dance Vision Mastery Camp Las Vegas, Co-owners of The Royal Ball.

We discuss how online dance lessons can be incredibly effective during this challenging time, how Marzena and Slawek credit hardwork and dedication to their successes, how the SRDS is bring the joys of the American Smooth style to Russian dancers, and why they choose to see the positives in cancellations and closures.


In episode #14 of Love.Live.Dance's podcast, Ballroom Chat, we talk with American 9-Dance competitor and instructor Tony Nunez about his dancesport experiences.

Samantha and Tony discuss his experiences as a professional dancer, the challenge of portraying your authentic self on the dance floor, and the importance of making sure that inclusivity and diversity become the norm in the ballroom dance industry. We take on the issues of race, gender, elitism, and ability differences in dance, and what each of us in the industry can do to improve and push towards progress.