Teen Beginner Ballroom Dance

What We Offer

Starting September 10, 2019, Love.Live.Dance will begin offering teen ballroom dance classes. In addition to our standard private lesson packages, students can choose to take this class in order to learn latin and ballroom dance from professionals, starting with the basics. Dances include cha-cha, waltz, tango, swing, quickstep, rumba and more. Dancing is a great way to build confidence, poise, and self-worth.

We start with the very basics of dance. Our goal is to get every student dancing and feeling confident on the dance floor as a group. More advanced classes will include partner dances and more complicated techniques like dance patterns, mechanics, and body movement. Many students do showcases and performances at the end of the class cycle.

Don’t miss out! Our dance classes will give students dance skills for the rest of their lives.

Beginners Welcome

Our classes begin with the basics, allowing all students to participate and create the foundational skills that will allow them to advance. Group classes and formation dances will help students work as a team to master choreography and footwork.

Professional Coaches

In addition to Hannah Smith, our in-house instructor, Love.Live.Dance strives to bring quality, nationally recognized, top-ranked coaches from around the country to work with all of our students, including interested teens. These additional lessons ensure that our students are well-rounded, familiar with the experts and their expectations, and ready for any competition.

Meet Our Studio

Parents and students are invited to call and schedule an opportunity to meet our instructors prior to registering. Additionally, parents are always welcome to drop in and observe any class.

Class Schedule

Our fall semester will begin for students between the ages of 13 and 18 on September 10th and will run until December 17th. Classes will occur on Tuesdays at 6PM. These classes will be targeted at beginners to ballroom dance; however, an intermediate class will be offered if there is sufficient interest. Students progressing to the intermediate class will need to schedule time with the instructor to establish that they are prepared for the class.

All students who are interested in either the beginner or intermediate classes are encouraged to contact the studio at 801-874-2573 for more information and to fill out our new student information packet, linked to below.

Classes are subject to change or be cancelled based on studio enrollment and teacher requirements. Enrolled participants of changed or cancelled classes will be provided with alternative class options.

Class NameDate/TimeLocationPrice
Beginner Ballroom DanceTuesdays, 6PMWest Valley City$225 per semester

Reviews and Testimonials

five starsSamantha is great! I’ve been working with her since January on ballroom competition routines. She is a great teacher, very enthusiastic, and very effective at breaking down technique. Whether it’s balance, timing, weight transfer or other technical aspect, she has a natural ability to translate it into something you can follow and do. And she has the patience to practice those techniques all day! Samantha always has a plan for our lessons, so there is variety and a progression. She has a keen sense of style and choreography, which adds a lot of creativity to the routines.


five starsMy wife and I had a very positive experience working with Samantha. She is incredibly knowledgeable and was very good at helping us pick out the best choreography for our song.


five starsGreat dance lessons here, Samantha was very helpful helping us brush off some of the rust with some dance moves!


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