Ballroom Dance Gift Guide 2021

Samantha StoutPublished November 26, 2021

During the last year, I have had the opportunity to talk to a number of other ballroom professionals through our podcast. As part of that experience, a number of great ballroom dance products have been discussed or referred to.

As the holiday season approaches, I wanted to revisit some of those items and make sure that they're on the radar of all of our dancers (and their significant others, perhaps).

Aida Dance USA

aida shoes
After chatting with Ilia for the Ballroom Chat podcast, I bought my first pair of Aida dance shoes. I will never wear another brand of shoes. For those that have complimented my leopard print practice shoes over the last year, this where you can buy your own pair. You can always purchase through their website , but I highly recommend calling the number at the top of the page to get an over the phone consultation and walk through for sizing. The correct fit of a shoe is priceless, and Ilia and his team are committed to making sure your fit is perfect.

A Journal for the Whole Dance Journey

practical ballroom dance journals
How many times have you left a lesson, only to immediately forget what you were supposed to be practicing? Eagle-eyed students may notice that I carry a lesson journal with me through-out the day, and I can assure you that without it I am lost. A fellow student dancer and blogger, the Girl with the Tree Tattoo has published a series of dance journals and practice guides for ballroom dancers. These journals are designed to help focus your note taking, so you never forget what CBMP stands for, the timing of rise and fall, or the choreography for your new routine.

Ballroom Box

ballroom box gift box

If you’ve listened to my podcast, Ballroom Chat, you know that BallroomBox has been a supporter since the beginning. Deb and Duffy are two amazing individuals committed to helping equip and inspire dancers. I am a huge fan of subscription box, and genuinely am a subscriber. A new box comes out quarterly and you can choose to buy the boxes individually or be an annual member. Use our affiliate code, BallroomChat, to save 10%.

If you’re not ready for a full box, here are a few of the products that were included in previous subscription boxes that I really enjoyed and will be purchasing more of:

Peta Jane Tanning Mousse and Mitt

peta jane tanning mousse
Tanning is an unfortunate part of performance and competitive dancing, and as a person that glows in the dark from her paleness, finding a tanning product that works well is something I often struggle with. I can genuinely say that you can tell a dancer was behind the design process for the Peta Jane tanning product line. The tanner is super easy to apply and dries fairly quickly. I won’t lie, there is a little transfer in the 8 hour wait before you can shower, so I recommend putting it on the night before and then rinsing it in the morning.

K&S Soapworks Ginger Peach Sugar Scrub

K&S soapworks ginger peach sugar scrub
This scrub smells amazing and does its job, what more can you ask for? It’s a whipped sugar scrub and in my opinion is the perfect balance between grainy enough to be exfoliating without immediately dissolving or feeling like sandpaper. And, it smells amazing.

Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Ball

champion sports lacrosse ball
I know, a little left field. For those uninitiated, dancers put a lot of wear and tear on their feet, and the lacrosse ball is our little secret for rolling out the soreness and tightness that comes with dancing in heels all day. It’s a simple, yet super effective.

Ma Soiree Nail Wraps

ma soiree nail wraps
These nail wraps are actually another product I discovered through my BallroomBox subscription. They are in essence, stickers that replace the need for polish or gel. I won’t claim that I have tried every nail wrap brand out there, but of the ones I’ve tried, these are the easiest to apply and last the longest. Their designs are limited, but they are rolling out new styles in the new year.

Gift Cards gift cards

When in doubt, gift cards are ALWAYS a good option. Whether you want to give the gift of dance to a loved one, encourage your friends to learn some basics before their wedding, or just save a little bit on your next package, we have you covered through our Love.Live.Dance gift cards for both in-person and online lessons. Use code: HOLIDAY21 to save 20% on any e-gift card purchased before 12/26/21