Ballroom Chat Podcast

By Love.Live.Dance

Our podcast focuses on casual long-form interviews between Samantha of the Salt Lake City, Utah based Ballroom Dance studio, Love.Live.Dance, and her weekly guests from the dance world.

Podcasts cover a number of topics, including ballroom dance, competitive dancesport, the dance industry as a whole, running a small dance studio, tips and tricks for ballroom dancers, and even just general goings-on in the world.

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Ballroom Chat #13: Anthony Chen

Samantha Stout | July 13, 2020

In episode #13 of Ballroom Chat, we talk with competitor and instructor Anthony Chen about his preferred dance style: Lindy Hop. We discuss the history of Lindy Hop, how the competitive experience of Lindy differs from typical ballroom dance events, his work with the non-profit organization Salt City Swing, and his thoughts on the future of the lindy hop dance style.

Ballroom Chat #12: Cesar Rojas

Samantha Stout | July 06, 2020

This week, we talk with Cesar Rojas about Casino Rueda. We discuss the history of salsa and the Casino Rueda dance style, how this social dance is opening doors for people to learn more about Latin dances, and the importance of finding your dance community.

Ballroom Chat #11: Hope Jackson

Samantha Stout | June 29, 2020

This week, we talk with Hope Jackson about her start in the dancesport industry, her time dancing on the television shows So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars, her latest endeavor teaching as an instructor with Dance Vision, being a brand ambassador for Aida Dancewear, and balancing her additional activities in modeling, dancing, and hair and make-up.

Ballroom Chat #10: Michael Johnson

Samantha Stout | June 22, 2020

Michael Johnson is a US Professional Ten Dance Finalist, coach, Dancesport adjudicator, owner of Dance Majic Dance Studio, published author, and host of the Majic for Life Podcast. We talk about his start in the industry, the mindset of a competitive dancer, his podcast, and how to effectively communicate dance instruction online.

Ballroom Chat #9: Ian Gillett

Samantha Stout | June 08, 2020

Ian Gillett is a US Pro-Am National Champion in Smooth and Standard, a World Masters Pro-Am Champion in Smooth and Standard, World Pro-Am Champion in Smooth, a Regional Examiner for DVIDA, Former Collegiate Assessment Director for USISTD, and several times over Top Teacher Winner. We talk about his start in the industry, the importance of a good foundation, returning to the basics at every level, and the evolution of Standard and Smooth dance styles.

Ballroom Chat #8: Kimberley Mitchell

Samantha Stout | June 01, 2020

A conversation with Kimberley Mitchell. She is a two time US Professional Latin Champion, coach, judge, adjudicator, and invigilator. We talk about her start in the industry, the preparation process to get showcase ready for the 40th Anniversary of the Ohio Star Ball, her thoughts on when and how to restart competitions, and the importance of finding your own authentic style.

Ballroom Chat #7: Molly King

Samantha Stout | May 25, 2020

A conversation between Samantha from Love.Live.Dance and guest Molly King, West Coast competitor, instructor, published writer, podcaster, tiny home owner and overall awesome human being. We talk about how to 'Live Your Dance', the joys and challenges of owning a tiny home, her book 'Don't Stress', and the importance of living a whole life.

Ballroom Chat #6: Rozana Sweeney

Samantha Stout | May 18, 2020

This week we talked with Rozana Sweeney from Art & Style Dance Studio. We talked about how the current situation is affecting dance studios and competitions, potential ways this will change how Dancesport events are conducted, the 2019 NDCA rules updates to syllabus events, and what you can do to stand out in front of a judging panel.

Ballroom Chat #5: Martin Skupinski

Samantha Stout | May 11, 2020

A conversation with Martin Skupinski from BallroomUtah. We talk about Martin's start internationally, coming to Canada and the US, getting a start in teaching at Fred Astaire and owning an independent studio in 2020.

Ballroom Chat #4: Krista Treu Derington

Samantha Stout | May 04, 2020

A conversation with Krista Treu Derington. We talk about growing up in a ballroom dancing family, balancing family and competing, the benefits of SeneGence, and all about performing in Strictly Ballroom.

Ballroom Chat #3: Marcos Martinez

Samantha Stout | April 27, 2020

A conversation with Marcos Martinez, owner of the dancewear brand MMD. We talk about the custom dancewear industry, Marcos' process for creating unique garments for his clients, and training for competition under quarantine.

Ballroom Chat #2: James Cook

Samantha Stout | April 20, 2020

A conversation between Samantha from Love.Live.Dance and guest James Cook, West Coast Swing dancer, competitor, and instructor. We talk about the differences between Ballroom Dance and West Coast Swing, navigating different social dance scenes, and how to be responsible for your own growth.

Ballroom Chat #1: Amanda Wolf

Samantha Stout | April 13, 2020

A conversation between Samantha from Love.Live.Dance and guest Amanda Wolf, owner of Studio 101 and Pittsburgh Wedding Dance. We talk ballroom in quarantine, the move to online teaching, how the wedding industry is changing and adapting, and where we see dance instruction can improve for the better.