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Ballroom Chat Podcast

By Love.Live.Dance

Our podcast focuses on casual long-form interviews between Samantha from Love.Live.Dance, a Salt Lake City dance studio, and her weekly guests from the dance world.

Podcasts cover a number of topics, including the history of different dance styles, interviews with dancesport athletes, judges and coaches, general dance industry news, and even tips and tricks for both beginner and expert dancers. A great source of dance industry information for beginners and professionals alike.

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Exploring SuperShag - Chris Johnston

Samantha Stout | April 07, 2021

Chris Johnston discusses his early dance career and how music and organizing parties became his passion in the industry. Chris and Samantha discuss the ups and downs of building a career in ballroom dance, the importance of recording and remembering our history, and where he sees the future of dancesport heading.

Chris Johnston is the co-owner and founder of SuperShag dance studios and SuperShag video production. He's also a world-class adjudicator and the co-organizer for both the Caribbean Dancesport Classic and DBDC in Boston. He's a host for several different video programs as part of Dance Beat magazine, including Approach the Bar, Cheeky Chat, and Comp Crawl.


Megan Rund discusses her start in gymnastics, what happens when your plans suddenly change and your life has put on a completely different path, and the growing pains and culture shock of moving to Utah for college and for ballroom dance. Megan and Samantha also reflect on the interesting challenges of navigating the transition from amateur and student to professional and especially pro am instructor.

Megan Rund is a former Utah Valley University Tour Team member. She and her teammates won the Blackpool Standard Team Championship and as an Amateur, she and her partner became Ohio Star Ball Smooth Champions. She is now a Rising Star and Open Professional Finalist in the Smooth Category.


Jessica Mancini chats about growing up in the figure skating world, making the transition to ballroom dancing. Jessica and Samantha also discuss how to navigate the difficult balance between setting goals for your students and expectations while also encouraging them to remember the joy of the activity that they are doing.

Jessica Mancini is a five time US National Pro-Am champion in Rhythm, Smooth, and 9-Dance, as well as a Pro-Am Open Vice Champion in Rhythm and Smooth. She was also a former team USA figure skater, and current Professional competitor.


Raising the Bar - Christine Bar Noël

Samantha Stout | March 17, 2021

Christine Bar Noël discusses taking up the challenge of finding her own path to success in the ballroom dance industry. Christine and Samantha chat about dance entrepreneurship, and finding life-work balance. The two reflect on the importance of saying no, and explore ways to raise the ceiling for future dancers to flourish.

Christine Bar Noël is a former World Rhythm Champion as part of a Pro-Am father-daughter duo. She is now a certified life balance coach and the host of the Recovering Perfectionist podcast.


Sophia D'Angelo discusses finding herself in ballroom dance and the intersectionality between navigating relationships in ballroom dance and in the real world. Sophia and Samantha discuss her book, Dance and the Creative Couple, and how instructors and students can use the lessons within the book to have a greater understanding of how we communicate through dance.

Sophia practices psychotherapy in Washington, D.C. and has been a life-long dancer with training in multiple dance disciplines. She earned a Masters in Social Work at Catholic University and is a graduate of the International Psychotherapy Institute. She holds multiple United States titles in ballroom dancing.


Boyko Ivanov is a former youth 10-dancer, who started creating hair and make-up looks for ballroom dancers after moving to the United States. 15 years later, the name Boyko & Co. is synonomous with some of the top looks and trends for styling ballroom dancers. Boyko sits down to chat with Samantha about discovering his passion for dance and later hair and make-up. He discussing his pursuit of beauty, and why coping trends is only a short term solution to a long term problem.


Tristen Sosa discusses growing up in a dancing family in Utah, and his dance journey in both competitive ballroom and the performance industry. Tristen and Samantha debate the longevity of virtual dance instruction, and the struggles of building an inclusive and accessible community for all dancers.

Tristen Sosa is a 4 Time Youth Latin Champion. He appeared on So You Think You Can Dance and Paula Abdul's "Live to Dance". Tristen is currently the Ballroom Director at Summerlin Dance Academy in Las Vegas, is a choreographer for the Hallmark and Disney Channels, and is a principle dancer for the Donny and Marie Show in Las Vegas.


Living in the Moment - Natalie Crandall

Samantha Stout | February 10, 2021

Natalie Crandall discusses the importance of positive reinforcement and grounding techniques for dancers at all levels, but especially in the competitive arena. Natalie and Samantha chat about the transition from Pro-Am to Professional dancer, and how she brings lessons learned from yoga and cycling into the ballroom.

Natalie Crandall was the first ever Blackpool British open Pro-Am Smooth Champion. After turning professional, she became an Ohio Star Ball Rising Star Smooth Champion, US Open Professional 9-dance Champion, and a US National Professional Rising Star Rhythm and Smooth Champion.


Instinctive Perception - Luca Baricchi

Samantha Stout | February 03, 2021

Luca Baricchi discusses the mission of The Baricchi Institute of Movement and Art and what he means by instinctive perception. He and Samantha explore the luck involved in finding the right coach for your movement and how exploration and critical thinking can unlock a dancer's potential. Luca also explains what he means by being truthful in one's dancing.

Luca Baricchi is a several times Italian Amateur National Ballroom Champion, Italian Amateur National 10-Dance Champion, Two Time Professional World Ballroom Dance Champion, and European, UK, and British Open Professional Champion. He is also the head of the Baricchi Institute of Movement and Art.


Framework - Ikaika Dowsett

Samantha Stout | January 27, 2021

Ikaika Dowsett chats with Samantha about his dance journey and his experiences hosting a dance podcast. The pair compare the struggles of finding a dance partner, having tough conversations in the ballroom dance industry, and deciding how and when to brand your dance instruction. Ikaika Dowsett is the host of 'The Framework' Podcast. He is also a World Champion coach and dancer.