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Ballroom Dance Lessons

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced dancer, our dance studio has what you're looking for. Lessons are offered through our studio location in Morgantown, West Virginia. Lessons are also offered virtually.

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A Timeless Hobby

  • Our ballroom lessons will make sure that you impress at your next wedding, party, or gala.
  • Ballroom dance lessons make for a great hobby, gift idea, and date night. Perfect for individuals and couples.
  • We teach many ballroom dance styles, including waltz, rumba, tango, cha cha, swing, foxtrot, mambo, bolero, and the Viennese waltz. Never be without a dance move when the music starts.

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Something for Everyone

  • Private lessons will ensure that you move at your own pace. Lessons can accommodate beginners and experts alike.
  • Share your lessons with another couple or your closest friends with our small group private lessons.
  • Interested in continuing lessons? Our package discounts are perfect for individuals or couples looking to continue dancing. Schedule regular lessons through our online portal whenever they fit into your schedule.

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Online Ballroom Dance Lessons

  • We work with couples and individuals of all abilities and tailor the lessons to focus on the level and style of dance that you are interested in learning.
  • All of the ballroom, Latin and social dance styles that we teach in-person are also available online.
  • Lessons with our award-winning dance instructors can be scheduled easily online. Schedule for exactly when it fits into your schedule. No need to play phone-tag or guessing games to schedule.
  • Our Zoom lessons are recorded and provided to you so that you can continue practicing between planned lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both in-person and online lessons can be scheduled through our online booking system, which is available 24-hours a day. Our booking system reflects the studio's current availability, hours of operation, and available staff member. If multiple staff members are available, don't stress about picking an instructor. All of our instructors are trained to work with you through your first lesson, and they will match you with the right expert for subsequent lessons.

In person lessons don't require any special equipment other than appropriate soft-soled shoes for the dance floor. Online lessons require an internet-connected device that can run Zoom with both audio and video. Beyond that, nothing is required!

When booking a lesson, you will be asked to leave any comments for your instructor. If you request a particular dance style, goal or song, we will shape your first lesson with that in mind. Otherwise, we will assume that your first lesson is a beginner-level lesson, and we will come prepared to teach you several basic dance steps in some easier dance styles. From there, however, we can branch out into other dance styles that you might be interested in.

Online lessons will cover the same content, but offer improved flexibility for remote students. In addition to allowing students from around the country to participate, online lessons can be recorded for later viewing and practice.

Payment information is required to schedule a lesson, but you will not be charged until the time of the lesson.

While we do not offer refunds for lessons, we offer free rescheduling up to 24 hours before the scheduled lesson if you discover that you have a conflict at the time that you initially scheduled.

Maybe! All of our students take dance lessons for different reasons. Some of our students are competitive dancers that practice regularly while others simply enjoy setting aside the time to dance with their significant other. As a result, the time that you need to put in between lessons is entirely up to you and your goals. Having said that, practicing between lessons is certainly the best way to get the most value from your lessons, and that's why we make recordings of each lesson available. While we will always take the time to explain any topics that you might not remember from previous lessons, practicing between lessons will ensure that we keep making progress.

This is a question better answered once we have had a chance to talk about your goals and why you're taking dance lessons. As a result, we don't require any long-term contracts or commitments when scheduling your first lesson. While we have package rates and monthly memberships available for individuals interested in taking multiple lessons, we feel that it would be unfair to our students to suggest those options until our students have had a chance to take their first lesson and decide whether our online lessons are right for them.

Of Course! Our studio can be reached at 304-449-4030 during our standard business hours. If you have any questions regarding our lessons, the culture and atmosphere at the studio, what you should expect to learn, or how we can work with you to achieve your goals, always feel free to contact us.

How To Book Today

You can always call us to schedule your first lesson, but the links below will take you to our online appointment portal where you can view all of our available times and schedule your first lesson online at your convenience. You will not be charged for any package or membership selections until your first lesson. Please note that the pricing below does not apply to individuals interested in competitive dancesport lessons .

Single Lesson
per lesson
No obligation
Use our online portal to book lessons

5 Lesson Package
per lesson
Save 7% per lesson
Use our online portal to book lessons
No decision required until after your first lesson
Up to one year to schedule lessons

10 Lesson Package
per lesson
Save nearly 20% per lesson
Use our online portal to book lessons
No decision required until after your first lesson
Up to one year to schedule lessons

Reviews and Testimonials

five starsA great date! I took my wife as a surprise for her birthday. Samantha is a great teacher and able to teach people of all talent levels. I was very inexperienced dancing but learned a lot just from my first lesson. I highly recommend it!


five starsMy husband bought me dancing lessons and it was magical! We ended up going back for a second lesson and learned even more styles. We have decided it's such a great date night that we we're going to continue once a month! Samantha has a way of making you feel comfortable even when you're stepping on each other's feet... Dancing together is so much better than going to dinner or a movie. I highly recommend taking lessons from Samantha! This will bring you joy!


five starsWe had fun, while learning great steps in a very short time. Samantha is a great teacher!!! We will come back in the summer