Make your first dance your best dance

Wedding Dance Lessons in Salt Lake City

Our wedding dance lessons will make your wedding dances stand out from the crowd. We offer both private and group classes, tailored for your specific wedding. Whether you are looking for a unique first dance, a surprise flash mob, or some simple lessons in traditional dance styles, we can help make your wedding a day to remember.

Free Consultation

At Love.Live.Dance, we do more than teach couples to dance. We also help you select songs for your important wedding dances, make recommendations about dance styles and how to make your dances unique, and guide you on how much practice and work your dream dance will require. This consultation is offered free of charge and can be scheduled using our booking feature below – even if you haven’t booked any lessons with Love.Live.Dance.

First Dance

We’ll work with you to make your first dance perfect for your wedding. Looking for a few basic moves? We’ll teach you the basics that match your perfect wedding song. Want something extra special? Our lessons can focus on choreographing a one of a kind dance routine for your wedding.

Parent Dances

Weddings aren’t just for the couple – they’re also for the family members that helped get you there. We love to work with parents of the bride and groom to make sure that any mother-son or father-daughter dance goes just as smoothly as the first dance.

How To Book Today

You can always call us to schedule your first lesson, but the links below will take you to our online appointment portal where you can view all of our available times and schedule your first lesson online at your convenience. You will not be locked into or charged for any package by booking online.

Single Lesson
Pay as you go
Freedom to schedule as you go
Basic dance patterns specifically for your first dance
Bronze: 3 Lessons
3 private lessons
Save 7% per lesson
Basic dance patterns specifically for your first dance
Includes a walk-in entrance and ending dip
Silver: 5 Lessons
5 private lessons
Save 12% per lesson
A fully customized and choreographed dance routine for your first dance
Professionally cut and mixed music track for your wedding
Gold: 10 Lessons
10 private lessons
Save 30% per lesson
A fully customized and choreographed dance routine for your first dance
Professionally cut and mixed music track for your wedding
Basic dance patterns for your mother/son or father/daughter dances

Reviews and Testimonials

five starsSamantha was absolutely phenomenal! My wife and I went with her for our first dance for our wedding. We had a very non-traditional first dance song and Samantha was able to create unique choreography to go with it. She was very easy to work with, very patient and a great instructor overall! We were both really pleased with the entire experience and highly recommend her!


five starsI was a guy with two left feet and with Samantha's guidance and encouragement, I became light of foot in time for my daughter's wedding. I had never had any dancing instruction before and Samantha was very patient despite my ineptitude. She helped choreograph our dance and it went beautifully at the wedding. Afterwards, several people told me I was a great dancer (I'm not). It was just the result of great instruction. Additionally, it was fun and my wife and I fully intend to return to take further lessons.


five starsSamantha is so wonderful, I cannot say enough. We took classes with her for our first dance and father daughter dance. She took us from people with little or no dance experience to people who were confident on the dance floor in front of hundreds. My husband and dad have never wanted to take dance classes before, but after one class, they could not wait to go back. She was so nice and made the dance moves seem so easy. Samantha took the music we wanted to dance to and choreographed unique dances. I really appreciate everything she did for us and how she helped make our wedding day so special.


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