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What We Offer

Our wedding dance lessons will make your wedding dances stand out from the crowd. We offer both private and group classes, tailored for your specific wedding. Whether you are looking for a unique first dance, a surprise flash mob, or some simple lessons in traditional dance styles, we can help make your wedding a day to remember.

Free Consultation

At Love.Live.Dance, we do more than teach couples to dance. We also help you select songs for your important wedding dances, make recommendations about dance styles and how to make your dances unique, and guide you on how much practice and work your dream dance will require. This consultation is offered free of charge and can be scheduled using our booking feature below – even if you haven’t booked any lessons with Love.Live.Dance.

First Dance

We’ll work with you to make your first dance perfect for your wedding. Looking for a few basic moves? We’ll teach you the basics that match your perfect wedding song. Want something extra special? Our lessons can focus on choreographing a one of a kind dance routine for your wedding.

Parent Dances

Weddings aren’t just for the couple – they’re also for the family members that helped get you there. We love to work with parents of the bride and groom to make sure that any mother-son or father-daughter dance goes just as smoothly as the first dance.

How To Book Today

Single Lesson
Pay as you go
Basic dance patterns that will work for your chosen song and general dancing
Freedom to schedule as you go
3 private lessons, just the basics
3 private lessons
Basic dance patterns that will work for your chosen song and general dancing
Save 7% per lesson
7 private lessons - Fully choreographed first dance & parent practice time
7 private lessons
A fully customized dance routine for your wedding dance
Additional private lessons to practice your Mother/Son or Father/Daughter dance
Save 25% per lesson

Reviews and Testimonials

  • 5 star review  Samantha is an amazing instructor and I would recommend her to anyone. My dream for my first dance for the entire time we were engaged (which was a long time) was to have our first dance be "Time of my Life."As many know it, it is the last song in the movie Dirty Dancing, which is my all time favorite movie since I was little. We searched and couldn't find anyone, so we were going to take a group tango lesson and be happy with that. That is where we met Samantha, who was our instructor for that class, which was also wonderful. The first class she mentioned that she would do private lessons so I had to ask and she said that she would teach us everything but the lift at the end and I was sold! We were able to learn the entire dance in five, one hour lessons and surprise everyone at our wedding. Still can't believe we did it, but I am ready to take more lessons now!!

    thumb Amanda Sanko

    5 star review  My husband and I had an excellent experience working with Samantha. We took four dance lessons with her before our wedding. She took the time to listen to our song choice and come up with wonderful steps to go with it. As beginners, some of the moves were difficult to get down, but Samantha was an excellent teacher and helped us through the challenging parts of our dance. She was extremely patient with us! We had so much fun learning & executing our dance and we got a lot of compliments from guests at our wedding. Thanks, again! -Kerry & Mike

    thumb Kerry Nilsen

    5 star review  Samantha our instructor for my daughters wedding was fantastic. She made the steps easy and fun. We couldn’t wait each time to go back and learn more. We will be hiring her again in the future for more lessons. Love this place.

    thumb Seldon Young
  • 5 star review  Samantha was great. She was very patience which was extremely important for my wife and I as we were complete beginners. Samantha worked to craft our own individual routine which, thanks to her instructions, went off without a hick at the reception. We would definitely recommend working with Samantha !

    thumb Drew Fletcher

    5 star review  My now husband and I took five lessons with Samantha to learn a first dance to our wedding. She choreographed an entire dance to "Beauty and the Beast". She captured the magic of both the new and old classic. She was very communicative when teaching and was willing to repeat anything we requested if we were having difficulty. This was wonderful as we both are not dancers. The final product turned out amazing. Thank you so much Samantha!

    thumb Denise Renee Souffrant

    5 star review  We had fun, while learning great steps in a very short time. Samantha is a great teacher!!! We will come back in the summer 🙂

    thumb Madalina Chirila

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